The Traveler // A Muscovite, raised as a Milanese, now living at times in Los Angeles, at others in Lugano. If I'm not at a studio, I am on a road trip, standing on some mountain, or near a river taking pictures of bears... or cows. I proudly bring my passion for nature and world traveling into my work; be it through shape, color, layout, texture or attitude!
The Designer // I specialize in motion design. Boards, research and concept are the reason I love my work. I offer a range of services including concept, design, animation and editing, allowing me to follow a project from beginning to end.
The Team // Throughout the years my career has allowed me to form links with a wide range of artists. For projects with a wider range of needs, I can provide you with team.  Bringing together print and motion designers, photographers, sound and video editors, we can provide you with a whole package of  work.
Featured On
2017, Behance AIGA Gallery - Chevy Bolt EV Spots
2017, Behance AIGA Gallery - BTA Promo
2017, Behance After Effects Gallery - Chevy Bolt EV Spots
2017, Behance After Effects Gallery - BTA Promo
2010, Art Center College of Design Gallery - BTA Promo
2010, ACCD Motion Connect - BTA Promo
2007,  Pulling Strings:Traditional and Contemporary Puppetry Exhibit, 
Revolving Museum, Boston
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